Edinburgh shop fitter retail

There exist many ways of making a retail fit out that strikes the correct balance between finishes and brand appeal whilst at the same time being practical with the costs. The wide range of services at Edinburgh Shopfitters & Co feature all the best things for your fit out needs, and they can all be used as an inclusion of our commercial post-fitting out services.

Current buildings usually need the right upkeep services across a number of areas, and our company is more than willing to make available our services, knowledge and skills to great and right use, while having a full range of commercial building maintenance services including:

  • Making and modifying the current look;
  • Receiving various quotes;
  • Going over alternative choices for colours, floor tiles, upholstery or signage;
  • Changing the options and building the purpose.

Fixing Damages from Outdoor Elements

There can be storm damages that take numerous forms, including damages to wet carpet tiles and glass due to broken walls or ceilings. The destruction due to a storm might seem disastrous at first, but you can easily call Edinburgh Shopfitters & Co for repairs.

Repairs and Small Modifications

Regardless if you need fixes only once or if you are in need of someone to trust that has regular maintenance of your building, our team of builders has the skills and the knowledge to keep your workspace looking amazing and is highly functioning.